Common Misconceptions People Have About Electric Bicycles

Electric bicycles are like the unicorns of the bicycle world. They're magical, misunderstood, and shrouded in mystery. Okay, maybe they're not quite as rare as unicorns, but they're definitely not as well understood as they should be. In this blog, we're going to bust some of the common myths and misconceptions surrounding electric bicycles. So fasten yourselves to get ready to ride into the world of e-bikes!

A brief explanation of what electric bicycles are

Let us quickly read about what are e-bikes.

E-bikes or electric bikes as stated by their name are electric battery-powered cycles. But, there is more about them than this. Electric bicycles, also known as e-bikes, are bicycles with electric motors that assist the rider when pedaling. The rechargeable battery in an electric motor provides varying levels of assistance. Of course, it all depends on the model and settings. Electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular as a mode of transportation. Because, they allow riders to travel longer distances, easily climb hills, and reduce the amount of physical exertion required to pedal.

These are amazing features, right? Then why wait to get one for you?

Get hands-on to shop for the best e-cycles that matches your everyday need. Believe us, you will love the experience of having a ride on it.


Electric Cycles are popular. But why?

Electric bicycles are becoming more popular for a variety of reasons.

  • E-cycles offer a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation that doesn't require fuel. As no fuel, they don't produce emissions.
  • Electric cycles provide a level of assistance that allows people to commute longer distances, and climb hills easily. This is especially appealing to commuters who want to avoid traffic and save money on transportation costs.
  • Furthermore, Technological advancements have made electric bicycles more affordable, reliable, and accessible to almost anyone.

All these factors have contributed to the growing popularity of electric bicycles. They are now a practical and enjoyable mode of transportation and recreation.

With these many positive outlooks, why should we focus on misconceptions?

Generally, the misconceptions outburst out of improper knowledge about electric cycles. So, in this blog, we decided to burst out those misconceptions and unveil the best features. Read on folks!


Common Misconceptions People Have on Electric Bicycles.

1.      Electric bicycles are only for "Lazy" people

It's true electric bikes have 50-50 pedal assist and throttle modes. But isn't it far better than riding a motorcycle or simply sitting on the couch? Certainly!

Mostly, the people who opt for electric cycles choose to use both features. If to say at the most, electric cycle users use the throttle-only mode all the time. They go for pedal-assist mode when they really need it. In fact, many electric cycle users claim that they feel it joyous to throttle by themselves unless they feel it to not.


2.      Electric Cycles are "Cheating."

Active commuting has many advantages and we always try to do it with motorbikes. In this regard, another misconception is that they are "Cheating" with the automated pedal assists. To reiterate the purpose-driven definition of e-cycles, they are just like regular cycles but with the addition of a power-driven system.

You can still go outside pedaling, listening to your favorite music while childhood memories flash in the background. Many people do not often use the battery-powered pedal assist.

But, sometimes you may feel hectic and want to quickly escape from heavy traffic, what do you do? You can neither leave your bike nor park it aside for a cab. This is where you need extra power to complete your journey home. And this extra power has a few levels you can adjust according to the rider's on-the-moment need. The electric motor or an electric bicycle is not meant to replace the rider's effort entirely, but rather to supplement it.

E-bikes made cycling more inclusive and interesting to everyone. And people are choosing the best and trending model according to their commute needs.

Furthermore, cycling on an electric bicycle still provides many of the same health benefits as traditional cyclings, such as cardiovascular exercise, increased muscle strength, and improved balance and coordination.


3.      E-Cycles require a lot of "Maintenance"

Every traditional or electric vehicle requires basic maintenance. This is to upkeep it functional until its lifespan. One thing to clear out, electric components usually need less to no maintenance. Maintenance always is about the tires or other frames of the electric cycle. Even traditional bicycles require brake, gear checks, and regular maintenance. So there is nothing much to elevate about the maintenance of electric cycles.

Here are a few tips to maintain electric cycles.


4.      Batteries can "Explode"

This is the most common misconception when talking about electric vehicles. Of course, there are many pieces of evidence of this situation. But they cannot define every other electric vehicle.

As electric cycles mostly work on electric-powered batteries, they make the soul of them. If the battery chosen is of poor quality, you may have issues with battery explosions. So, if properly maintained or rightly chosen e-cycles battery fires are extremely rare. The key to long battery life is proper usage and avoiding damage. You should always choose the manufacturer's prescribed battery. And make sure to use the recommended charger only.

If you take a look into the features of GHM Ev's electric cycles, the batteries are made of lithium-ion which ensures the safety of you and your electric cycles. Moreover, we manufacture every component. So we ensure that everything is up to match the climatic conditions.

Here is A guide to choosing the best electric cycle.

5.      Electric Bicycles are "Unaffordable"

This is the misconception that spreads faster than the flu. Unlike traditional fuel-powered bikes, e-bikes are not so much expensive. You will in turn be free from maintenance and fuel costs too. We will agree that the upfront cost of electric cycles is high. But when you factor in its lowest terms, you will have fewer maintenance costs.

A better product needs a better one-time investment. So only you will not have to spend repeatedly for repairs, battery or tire changes, etc. This will actually drown out the affordability factor. Getting an electric bicycle may not be suitable for everyone's commute needs. So understand your lifestyle demands and commute needs. Then get the electric cycle only when you really need it.


6.      You "Can't Ride them in Rain."

Many think that the batteries may get affected if drained in rain. But, most of the electric cycle batteries are sealed with an outer layer. This keeps the batteries safe from any heavy water rushes.

Taking GHMEV e-bikes as examples, they all come with all side fenders, aiming to protect the rest of the e-bikes from water splashing when you ride by water puddles. Also, GHMEV provides a battery metal sealer that prevents water from leaking into the battery. All the battery sealants are weatherproof and can withstand mild precipitation.


7.      Electric bicycles are "Not Environmental Friendly."

Actually, the misconception is that electric bicycles are not environmentally friendly. In reality, electric bicycles are much more environmentally friendly than cars or motorcycles. While it's true that electric bicycles require a battery to operate, they produce no emissions. This can help reduce air pollution and traffic congestion.

Electric bicycles are a great alternative to gas-powered vehicles for short trips and commutes. They can help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, lower our carbon footprint, and improve the overall health of our planet. Additionally, the batteries used in electric bicycles are recyclable. Many manufacturers are taking steps to make their batteries more eco-friendly.


8.      Electric bicycles are "Dangerous."

Another common misconception about electric bicycles is that they are dangerous. However, this is not entirely true. While any type of bicycle can be dangerous if not ridden safely and responsibly, electric bicycles are not inherently more dangerous than traditional bicycles.


In fact, electric bicycles may actually be safer than traditional bicycles in some situations. For example, the added power of the electric motor can help riders navigate hills and another challenging terrain more easily, reducing the risk of accidents caused by exhaustion or physical strain.


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So, we are not at all trying to convince you to get an electric bicycle and of course, the end decision is yours. But, the popularity of electric cycles is growing with the need for changing transformation. In the process, we are just trying to make things clear so that anyone who is in the thought of getting an e-cycle will find it useful.