A quick guide to understand your electric cycle much better

A few years ago, bicycles or cycles is the primary vehicle every home has. Having a Hero Cycle is the rich and status symbol then. But the invention of bikes, cars, and different models, made cycles the old version of vehicles. Also, the increased mobility continued with the invention of models in bikes and cars. As a result, we somewhere became over-dependent on them for commutes. In turn, this made us lazy and we are now running to the gym to get fit. There came the idea of launching electric cycles. 

The founders of Gear Head Motors decided to make electric cycles a part of every home. We came up with different models (LIFE) of e-cycles or electric cycles to make your everyday commute easy. With deep research followed by continuous evolution, we have designed four efficient models of electric bicycles or e-cycles.

Before we start using them, understand the electric cycles and their maintenance processes. This makes it easy to retain the performance for a longer duration.

A quick guide to understand your electric cycle much better

Why is it important to understand your Electric Cycles? 

Understanding electric power cycles are crucial for several reasons:

Efficiency optimization: 

Electric cycles convert heat energy into mechanical energy. This energy moves the cycle. We can optimize the efficiency of this conversion process. If you find this ratio as inclined with the average required efficiency, that e-cycle is the best featured.

Environmental impact: 

Electric cycles have a significant environmental impact. Particularly for greenhouse gas emissions. By understanding this, our engineers designed more efficient and eco-friendly systems. For example, the development of combined-cycle has significantly improved efficiency. It also reduced the emissions of power generation. In this case, the e-cycles designed at GHM EV enhance environmental performance with zero emission of harmful gases.

Reliability and safety: 

Electric cycles operate at high temperatures and pressures. These make reliability and safety, the critical factors. Understanding the safety model of the cycles can help you choose the better. This is particularly important in situations where power outages can have severe consequences.


Specifications matter for any vehicle and we do not miss out on them. If it is electric vehicles, there includes a new dimension of specifications ranging from watts in electric motors to battery packs and their charging capacities. You are going to get an electric vehicle that helps you overcome the issue you have with a regular vehicle. So, choose the ecycles that match your requirements. Go through every detail of the specification before you decide on the model. 

Charging Infrastructure & Battery Life:


Electric cycles breathe in the power from batteries and breath out it to make your commute. So, understanding the charging infrastructure adds value to your research on choosing the right electric bicycle. Charging the electric cycle may not be possible all the time and you always look for a battery that lasts longer. Moreover, the charging infrastructure is still in a nascent stage in the country. This has become the biggest challenge for EV owners. So, do some accountable research on the charging time and full charge lasting time before you go on for the electric bicycle.

Impact of not understanding your E Cycles 

Understanding your E Cycle is as important as understanding your Girlfriend. 

The impact of not understanding electric cycles while using them can be significant. Here are some possible impacts:

Reduced efficiency: 

The efficiency of electric cycles is dependent on the thermodynamics of the cycle. If the cycle parameters are not optimized, we can reduce the efficiency of the cycle. This will lead to higher fuel consumption and increased costs. This can also result in higher emissions of pollutants, which can have environmental and health impacts.

Increased downtime: 

Electric cycles operate at high temperatures and pressures. This makes them prone to failure if not properly maintained. It can then lead to increased downtime and maintenance costs.

Safety risks: 

Electric cycles can pose safety risks if not properly designed and operated. Failure to do so can result in safety incidents. These will have serious consequences for plant workers and nearby communities.

Economic impacts: 

Electric cycles are expensive to build and operate. If this is not well understood, it can lead to higher costs for construction, operation, and maintenance. This can have economic impacts, particularly if the higher costs are passed in the form of higher electricity prices.

What do watts on an e-bike actually mean?

In the context of e-bikes, watts refer to the power output of the electric motor that assists the rider while pedaling. Specifically, watts represent the rate at which energy is used or generated per unit of time.

When it comes to e-bikes, the power output of the motor is measured in watts (W), with most e-bikes having motors that range from 250W to 750W. The power output of the motor determines how much assistance the rider will receive while pedaling. The higher the wattage of the motor, the more assistance it will provide to the rider.

For example, an e-bike with a 250W motor will provide less assistance than an e-bike with a 750W motor. This means that the rider will need to do more work to pedal the bike, and the maximum speed and range of the bike may be lower than that of a bike with a higher wattage motor.

It's important to note that the power output of the motor is regulated by law in many countries, with limits on the maximum power output of e-bike motors. This is done to ensure the safety of riders and other road users, as well as to prevent e-bikes from being classified as motor vehicles that require licensing and registration.

Understand the Future of EV

Electric vehicles are the future of transportation in India. It is necessary to understand this saying that the country is now moving in the EV path. These are said to be environment-friendly vehicles and it is the reason for their acceptance around the world. Above it, increasing fuel costs make the regular vehicles least preferred. 

There are several other things that are certain and the EV industry is here to stay longer. With the demand, electric cycles emerge to be technologically advanced and will continue to evolve in their best versions. Alongside this, the charging mechanisms and power backup centers were also expected to increase gradually.

In summary, watts on an e-bike refer to the power output of the electric motor that assists the rider while pedaling. The higher the wattage of the motor, the more assistance it will provide to the rider.