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Cycling is one of the fondest memories or hobbies of everyone’s childhood. From being a child’s companion everywhere to being a healthy mode of commute, electric vehicles have evolved into diverse forms. Electric Bikes are all the rage these days and for a good reason. They are gaining popularity for their multiple benefits like reducing most of the modern problems in India like pollution, traffic check, better health prospects, etc. However, like anything new, there are a lot of misconceptions about e-cycles or battery-powered cycles.

Our blog is a place for us to share the latest updates as well as tips and information on electric cycles. We hope that our blog will not only keep you informed about what we are up to but also inspire you to join the movement toward a cleaner, greener, and healthier future. 


What Are Electric Cycles Or Electric Bikes?

Whether you want to conquer the miles on roads, tackle steep or heavy road terrains, glide through town, or just want to have a new cycling experience, your reasons for turning to electric cycles may be different, but the overall experience you get is awesome.

Electric cycles or e-bikes or electric bikes are bicycles powered by electric motors. They are a popular alternative to traditional bikes. Because they allow riders to easily pedal up hills and travel longer distances without getting as tired.

E-bikes typically have a small electric motor located in the rear wheel hub or the center of the bike frame. Powered by a rechargeable battery, we can recharge the motors using a standard household outlet. The motor assists the rider when pedaling, making it easier to ride up hills and over longer distances.

There are different types of e-bikes available. These include,

  • Road e-bikes: Designed for use on paved roads and are typically lightweight and fast.
  • Mountain e-bikes: Built for off-road use and are more rugged and durable.
  • Hybrid e-bikes: A combination of the two and we can use them on a variety of terrain.

Convenience and environmental benefits made e-bikes to become popular in recent years.

  • They are a great alternative to cars for short trips and can help reduce carbon emissions.
  • Also, these are great options for people who may have difficulty pedaling a traditional bike due to physical limitations.

Electric cycles have had several upgrades in recent years.  From their high-end, sophisticated technology to their lightweight design.  Crafted with an essential need to reduce carbon footprints, electric bikes fixes all the cumbersome. As we further dive into the topic, you will understand the revolution they have managed to stir.

Different E-Cycle Technologies:

There are several different technologies used in electric bicycles, including:

1.     Pedal-assist vs throttle e-bikes

Both types of e-bikes can be a good choice, depending on the rider's preferences and needs.

  • Riders prefer Pedal-assist e-bikes. Because they want to get a workout while still getting some assistance from the electric motor.
  • Riders who want to be able to control the power of the motor without pedaling prefer throttle e-bikes.


2.     Hub motors Vs Mid-drive motors:

Hub motors are located in the rear or front wheel hub and assist the rider when pedaling. They are relatively simple and easy to maintain.

Mid-drive motors are located in the center of the bike frame and assist the rider when pedaling. They are more efficient and allow for better handling and stability.

3.     Lithium-Ion vs lead acid battery e-bikes

Lithium-ion batteries and lead-acid batteries are both commonly used in e-bikes. There are some key differences between the two types of batteries that can be important to consider when choosing an e-bike.

  • Lithium-ion batteries are much lighter than lead-acid batteries.
  • Lithium-ion batteries also tend to have a higher energy density, meaning that they can store more energy in a smaller size and weight.
  • Lead-acid batteries, on the other hand, are generally less expensive than lithium-ion batteries.

Overall, electric cycles offer a fun and convenient way to get around. And are a great alternative to traditional bicycles and cars.

Gear Head Motors - A True Make-In India Story

Gear Head Motors is an electric cycle manufacturing company. To begin with the founding story of GHM EV, we need to date back to the college days of our enthusiastic founders. The first idea of starting an electric cycle company came from Mr. Nikhil Gunda, a Mechanical Engineering graduate.

From their field trip to the All Asia Student Body Chapter in Jaipur, they got their first experience of riding an e-cycle. Being a mechanical engineering graduate, he has enjoyed every bit of riding an e-cycle. It was this exciting trip that drove them to embark on this journey today.

Their first electric vehicle ride is just an unimaginable experience. Then to make transportation efficient and affordable to everyone, our founder Nikhil Gunda along with the other enthusiast Sai Meher started Gear Head Motors in the year of 2017.

Getting started with the initial steps is a bit hard, especially for college graduates who have no sufficient experience. Everything they did was their first attempt. This idea is then fed by the Startup India Initiative. From there the actual journey of establishing the company began. Grounding to the roots of the electric vehicles industry, we started to understand the market trends, demand for vehicles, and competition. We believed that these are the first step of investing in the company.

Our founders were on a mission to make it an Indian Brand where all the spares including motors made in India. Justifying this, Mr. Nikhil Gunda, one of the founders of GHM said commented, “Currently there has been a rise of Electric Vehicle penetration in the Indian Market by foreign companies. Due to these improved products, they often do not align with Indian conditions. And hence the demand for Electric Vehicles in the market is seen to be on a decline.

In this regard, I along with Meher came up with the idea to build a product that is affordable and will lead to an increase in homegrown products. With the help of the Make in India initiative, we have been able to accomplish our aim of creating a sustainable future not just for the nation but for the planet. Aligning with the needs of an Indian customer, hence, has been an important part of building this brand. With this, we are creating a sustainable and healthy ecosystem”. 


Revolution Of The EV Sector In India

Electric Vehicles especially e-cycles or e-bikes are the new trends. It is pretty easy to see why this industry is booming. For most people, it has become a statement of style and health. According to the International Bicycle Fund, there are over 21 million bike trips in the US every day.

Be it bicycles or bikes or cars, they do not make noise. This silence is not about engineering, but about the revolution, they are going to create. In simple terms, it is like the “Calm before the Storm.”

There is a noticeable increase in electric vehicles in the country and worldwide too. Right from the supply chain to manufacturing units, market trends everything has taken its place. In a short time, electric vehicles became a revolution for their sleek and stylish designs and more healthy or fit regimens.

-        The Uphold

India is a soon-to-grow country in every technology or invention. Like many other developed countries, India started to mark its presence in technological advances.

In India, EV organizations have gotten a gigantic rise. There is a remarkable upgrade on the e-charging foundation and a decrease in GST on EV bikes. This made them the most affordable and economical to anyone willing to buy.

Some plans create the foundation for extensive EV manufacturing and acceptance in the nation. These are closely related to Creation Connected Motivation (PLI) plans, the scrappage strategy, and the Make in India initiative.

However, Indian Markets are price-conscious and consumers always look for monetary value. Hence, minimal pricing is a common phenomenon in growing industries.

-        The Rise

  • Electric Vehicles are making significant productivity gains and are rising in demand and sales.
  • The rise in fuel costs makes a push to vehicle owners or new purchasers to take a bow at less expensive choices.
  • Indian electricity is versatile. This assists with a more extensive presentation of an environmentally friendly vehicular industry.

-        Indian Scenario

In India, there isn’t a whole lifecycle seen for Electric Vehicles. EVs are falling short in contrast with Fuel-powered vehicles. The due cause of this is majorly the battery-run motor which is repeatedly reported for explosions. While this is valid, there is a need to address or overcome this.

Possessing an EV requires a social change concerning the support for quality manufacturing and battery choices. We, Gear Head Motors is trying to make a change in this. If manufactured with care, these electric cycles or electric vehicles will progress in the production line. Indian Electric vehicles will be on triumph only when built on the right perspectives. Teaching the customers how safe and affordable EVs are for day-to-day commutes is also a must.

-        The Future

India showed a notable increase in the EV market in a few years.

  • Owing to the style statement, e-bikes have become the first choice.
  • Being the best companion for fitness, E-cycles or electric cycles stood the best for everyday commutes.

At present, electric vehicles are penetrating the Indian vehicular industry. But, there is a need to have 360 degrees way to guarantee safe mass reception of electric vehicles.

Let us understand this revolution in real-time and how Gear Head Motors electric bikes are the best for everyday commuting.

1.     The idea is to make pedaling less cumbersome.

E-bikes come with a battery-powered assist enabled with pedaling or throttle.

  • When we push the pedal for movement, the motor engages and gives a boost for the e-cycle to move.
  • In the throttle mode, the motor starts to engage with a press of a button. The throttle allows you to take breaks and then continue while riding. In throttle-assist e-bikes, acceleration becomes much easier.

2.     You still get Exercise.

Keeping aside the everyday commutes, e-cycles have become fitness companions to many. These e-cycles offer you the right amount of body movement, just like your gym equipment.

Many jobs are sedentary and people who stick to them find less time to turn their heads out of computers.

  • E-bikes are great for those who love riding longer and yet get a significant amount of exercise.
  • Plus, e-bikes or e-cycles have become everyday commutants for their ease of accessibility and fewer fuel expenses.

3.     They fit your Monthly Bills.

Indians are economically conscious while purchasing anything. The less calculate the maintenances and become conscious in a single investment. E-bikes are slightly costly and this is one of the primary reasons why the e-bikes market is picking up at a slow pace.

They may be costlier to purchase, but, e-bikes are cheaper to maintain. They fit your monthly bills.

Our Sassy E-Cycles


1.     GHM - ‘Model L’ Electric Bike


Gear Head Motors' Model L Electric Bike or Electric Cycle is a high-performing e-bike suitable for daily commuting and city driving. This electric bike is ideal for short- to medium-distance rides.

  • It has a top speed of 25 KMPH and a range of 35 KMPC on a single charge.
  • You can quickly re-enter the road thanks to its short 120-minute charge period.
  • One of the greatest electric bikes on the market, the Model L has a 0–25 acceleration time of under 2.85 seconds.
  • Three-speed mode switch.
  • Easy to Monitor the battery percentage with an onboarding charging indicator.
  • Tackle any rough terrain with a rigid shocker and a durable frame.

The Model L Electric Bike or e-cycle not only has an astonishing performance but also a smooth and steady ride because of its power brakes and steady balance characteristics.
The manufacturing style is user-friendly, and it has a minimalistic & compact design with a detachable battery. Your long night rides are more comfortable with LED lights.

Overall, GHM’s Model L electric bicycle or electric bike is lightweight with its compact battery design.

2.     GHM - ‘Model I’ Electric Bike

Have a flexible and efficient transportation option for city commuters and daily commuters.  It has made with exclusive features making it stand out from others. It has an overall impressive performance.

  • A top speed of 25 KMPH and a range of 35 KMPC on a single charge with a quick charge time of One Hour.
  • Boasts a 0-25 acceleration time of just 2.85 seconds.
  • Power brakes with front disc and steady balance give you a smooth and balanced ride.
  • Three-speed mode switch.
  • Easy to Monitor the battery percentage with an onboarding charging indicator.
  • Best-in-class suspension and a durable frame make it suitable to tackle any city road or rough terrain.
  • On a whole, GHM’s Model I electric bicycle or electric bike is lightweight with its compact battery design.

3.     GHM - ‘Model F’ Electric Bike

The ‘Model F’ electric cycle or e-bike from gear head motors is designed for power and performance.

  • Perfect for long-distance rides with a top speed of 25 KMPH and a range of 60 KMPC on a single charge time of 3 hours.
  • It is one of the fastest electric vehicles in India boasting a 0-25 acceleration time of just 2.85 seconds.
  • Provides a smooth & steady ride having a quick braking system and telescopic suspension with a lock.
  • It can manage both paved and unpaved roads thanks to its sturdy handle bearings, butter-bearing pedal system, and telescopic suspension.
  • Extremely portable and light with its small battery construction.
  • It also features a pedal assist and a dual disc braking system for improved safety and control.

The Model F Electric Bike comes with several features, including a detachable battery, a three-speed mode switch, an LED light, and an onboard charge meter. For added safety and control, Model F electric cycles have a pedal assist and a dual disc braking system. It is one of the best seller's electric cycles from gear head motors.

4.     GHM - ‘Model E’ Electric Bike

A stylish electric cycle with a sleek design that combines power and performance. This Electric cycle has smart features making it perfect for long-distance rides and commutes. It has a quick charge time of just 2 hours.

The Model E Electric Bike also includes a 21-gear system and an instrument cluster. Some of them are sturdy handle bearings, a butter-bearing pedal system, telescopic suspension, a compact battery design, a dash app access, and electric cutoff breaks. All these make it simple to ride Gear Head Motor’s Model E electric cycles with guaranteed fun and safe experience.



  • It is one of the fastest electric bikes that boasts a 0-25 acceleration time of just 3.5 seconds.
  • Instant braking system and telescopic suspension with lock.
  • A three-speed mode switch, an LED light, and an onboard charge indicator.
  • For enhanced safety and control, it also boasts a pedal assist with button control and a dual disc braking system.
  • The Model E Electric Bike also includes a 21-gear system and an instrument cluster for improved performance and convenience.


Overall, the Model E electric bike is a smart and stylish electric bike that combines performance and features. It has a modern and bold design backed by a comprehensive warranty giving protection against any defects or issues.


Pitching our Business on Shark Tank India is a real challenge

We had the opportunity to share Gear Head Motor’s business vision on the popular TV show "Shark Tank." It was an incredible experience that we will never forget.

Speaking about the overall Shark Tank experience, founder Nikhil Gunda shared the following thoughts.

As we walked onto the set and faced the panel of investors, we had a mixture of nerves and excitement. We knew that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and we wanted to make the most of it.

Begun by introducing myself and the co-founder, we then moved on to my business concept. We explained how our products, a line of sustainable electric vehicles or e-cycles, were unique and how it was filling a need in the market. We talked about the research and development process and the hard work that went into creating each prototype.

Next, we shared our business plans and financial projections. We also explained how we are planned to scale the company and how we would use the investment from the sharks to achieve the company’s goals.

As I spoke, I could feel a bit nervous not to impress the sharks, but to present the business picture. The sharks were intense and asked challenging questions about the business. They wanted to know if we had a competitive advantage, or any intellectual property, to analyze if I had the experience to run a successful company.

But our clear strategy and action plan were prepared from the very first day of business initiation. We did not find it much difficult to answer them as we are pretty sure of everything we went and should go through. With all the envisioned plans, we were able to answer their questions with confidence. I knew my business inside and out and I was able to convince the sharks that I was a viable investment.

In the end, we were able to secure one crore from sharks Peyush Bansal, CEO of Lenskart and Aman Gupta, Co-Founder & CMO of BoAt. It was an incredible moment.


Adding to Nikhil’s, GHMEV’s co-founder Meher shared his experience saying,

“We left the set on the path of future progress which we envisioned to. Feeling grateful and determined to turn the business vision into a reality. It was an unforgettable experience that I will always cherish”.

The expertise and experience that Peyush Bansal possesses in market analysis and sales pitch, combined with Aman's branding strategies, will enable GHMEV to reach out to a broader audience.

It's Time To Take The E-Way