Top 5 Best Electric Cycles In India

The pleasure of riding is known to a fellow rider. Aren’t I Correct?

If you are a passionate rider and you have a friend who rides for daily work or personal needs, riding becomes a boring topic for you. And if you are an E-bicycle rider, you might have a more wonderful riding experience than ever. Rolling on with an engine is a tremendously joyous experience. Especially, for those who are looking for a change from regular motorcycles or bicycles.

So, you might have already heard about these e-bikes. But, we bet you need some elaborated details. These may be on how you can maintain them and why they are on top of the list competing with normal bicycles.

Many e-bicycles from top companies are available in the market. Chasing the right e-bicycle can be quite a challenge. There are many variables to consider right from its weight to motor torque. You might have spent a lot of time on this. So, no more guesswork or trial and error. We are here to help you out with every bit of information.

Before you proceed with purchasing, we recommend you know why to choose electric cycles.

Checklist To Tick Before Purchasing The E-Bicycle

The best for you is the electric bicycle that caters to all your personalized needs. Read out the following lines to clearly understand the qualities that make up a perfect choice.

1.     Geometry:

Don’t worry, it’s not mathematics geometry. But a geometry that defines the kind of ride, distance, and terrain you prefer to traverse. Found it unclear? Let us make it simple for you.

Riding is not an easy job how much you love it. It may have chances to bring the post-ride strains to muscles. So, geometry defines if the e-bicycle is in a way limiting the pressure exerted on your muscles.

‘Straight Back’ Geometry is preferred for short rides. The e-bicycle of this geometry allows without having tense in the muscles. If you want an e-cycle for longer mountain or Sporty rides, VTC mountain bikes are the best fit. These come with maximum pedaling efficiency, thus making riding comfortable. This is because the bicycles are the All-Terrain-Vehicles (ATV) tiers conducive for rough and sporty rides.

2.     Battery & Range:

The battery is the heart of the e-cycle. Any e-bicycle runs on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. So, the longer the distance you want to cover or the longer the durability, the better should be the battery.  Moreover, the energy produced by the battery impacts the performance of the electric cycle. For shorter distances, a battery capacity of 170 wh, and for longer distances, a 240 wh battery is recommended.

3.     Motor:

The location of the motor conditions the stability, and balance of your e-bike. Center-mounted motor e-bikes guarantee comfort, stability, and balance. It also distributes the strain equally between the front and rear wheels. Rear-mounted motor e-cycles are desirable for heavy people who prefer to have a powerful motor. Overall, Mid-mounted motor e-cycles are the preferred choice.

4.     Weight:

It requires more energy to carry more weight, whether it is an e-bicycle or a human body. The frames and batteries of the e-bicycle contribute to the weight. You might have thought that high-weight batteries have a longer life. This is not completely true. Weigh can drain out more energy.

Top 5 Bet Electric Cycles In India

1.     GHM Model - E

The best E-bike for your smoothest and coolest rides.


GHM EV Model E | Gear Head Motors

The Features Score of this e-bicycle is 9.3

  • The stylish design is from a high Carbon Steel Frame which is a sturdy and ultra-light aluminum frame.
  • Front & Rear Disc Break with 160mm rotor disc for skid-free breaking.
  • Rust-free alloy rims for a wobble-free ride.
  • 26*4.0 wide Ralson High traction tires for a better grip and puncture-resistant ability.
  • GHM alloy crank to provide a smooth riding experience over various terrains.
  • Seamless shifting experience with Microshift Derailleur which easily moves the chain from one sprocket to another.
  • 7-speed freewheel for effortless pedaling.
  • Jerk-free riding experience with suspension Fork on bumpy and mild off-riding roads.
  • Powerful 350 W motor with pedal assist support to give a maximum range.
  • Edgy and futuristic stickers give a bomber look.
  • Full charge for 3 hours and have a happy ride for about 45 Km.

2.     Hero Lectro Renew 26T 7

Not to mention this brand, but Lectro is well known among e-bike enthusiasts. They began with Hero Lectro electric cycles and have launched incredible products with exciting features and models.

Came with a fashionable look, this e-bike was the best seller with amazing features and mobility. By this success, their new launches came in vibrant color variants with top features making them distinct from the rest.

Hero Lectro Renew 26T is the monster with its high performance which grabbed the top position in our list. It has an 11.6Ah portable battery with amazing Torque in critical moments. You can easily regulate the speed with its pedal-aid system.

Hero Lectro Renew 26T 7

The Features Score of this e-bicycle is 9.5. So, let us tell you what they are.

  • The wheels are composed of 36H aluminum alloy double-wall rims.
  • The pedal assistance ranges between 40-50 km.
  • Aluminum alloy 6061 framesets.
  • It has 26 Inches wide steel hardtail front suspension and nylon tires.
  • It has a 48W BLDC Hub Motor with a torque sensor.
  • This electric cycle’s TEKTRO DISC brakes, as well as RALEIGH forks, add to the ultra-premium feel and experience.

3.     Swagtron EB-8 T Electric Cycle

Ride behind the beaten path and experience the real joy of riding outdoors. This all-terrain, fat-tire electric bike provides enhanced off-road mobility. This electric cycle came with a premium quality build features with a reinforced aluminum frame and full suspension system. This supports riders with up to 120 Kg of weight. This e-cycle has three riding modes as throttle only, pedal to go, and pedal only to make it easy for you as per your requirement. This has fat tires which allow excellent traction over a rough surface. With a motor capacity of 350 W, this electric cycle provides you with a high-performance riding experience. Your Swagtron EB - 8 T comes with everything you need for a thrilling-yet-safe riding experience.

Swagtron EB-8 T Electric Cycle

The Features Score of this e-bicycle is 9.5. So, let us tell you what they are.

  • Shimano gears & MF-tz21 freehub make it precise for gear shifting. This e-cycle has 7 gears suitable for tough terrains.
  • Engineered with a reinforced aluminum frame and full suspension system, with a max capacity of up to 264.5 lbs.
  • Travel up to 21.4 miles on a single charge using throttle only.
  • A balanced front and rear suspension that absorbs impacts and smoothens the path.

4.     GoZero Mile Electric Bicycle

This is a product manufactured and distributed by Battre. This e-bicycle has a 250W BLDC Hub Motor and gearbox for giving a smooth-riding adventure. It is one of the quickest bicycles which we found to place on the list for you. Not only that, these cycles have become the style statement for many for their trendy and stylish design. Together with the high battery capacity, this e-bike will help you in achieving higher mileage.

GoZero Mile Electric Bicycle

The Features Score of this e-bicycle is 8.8. So, let us tell you what they are.

  • It has a high-carbon steel frame and is very durable.
  • Contains a 250 W engine and 300Wh Lithium-Ion battery.
  • The motor has waterproof cables that add a layer to protect from rain.
  • The 12 magnets PAS sensor permits you to train to enhance the range.

5.     Lectro Kinza 27T Electric Cycle

Lectro never fails to give you the ideal ride experience. The company crafted every e-bike from high-quality material. Thus, it became competent for its fellow models. Lectro is among the preferred e-cycles brands in India for its popularity and functional quality. To maintain this legacy, the company takes itself to the top market position and trends with all the technology advancements. Lectro Kinza 27T electric cycle is one such product with better features. This e-vehicle suits all sorts of surfaces and traffic too. You can hardly complain about anything about this e-cycle.

Lectro Kinza 27T Electric Cycle

The Features Score of this e-bicycle is 9.1. So, let us tell you what they are.

  • A comfortable handlebar with rubber grips. These measure up to 31.8 * 630.
  • The bicycle has a very strong, powerful, and productive 250W engine with a total range of 25 km/hr.
  • The battery is water-resistant and is made from 5.8 AH BAK cells. It can offer a distance of up to 40 km on a single charge.
  • The brakes are highly protective too. The front disk has 160 rotors, and the rear brake is V brake sypo type.