Why Choose Electric Cycle Over The Normal Cycle?

We all are living in the future. With time and technology, our lifestyle has improved. To aid this lifestyle, technological advancements like E-bikes have been introduced.

Bicycles or normal cycles were our first mode of transportation for ages. Those age-old bicycles are considered good for both environments and for us. Like everything else, bicycles have evolved into electric bicycles.

Just think of an E-bike in place of fuel-operated bikes or constant pedaling cycles with that of battery-operated ones. Which do you think is comfortable? If you think about what comfortable is, you might think right about the flexibility of usability, affordability, and ease of maintenance. These e-bikes have got you covered.

Why Choose Electric Cycle Over The Normal Cycle? | Gear Head Motors GHM EV

If you are new to this stretch of e-bikes or already have an idea but no details, just be here reading the lines. We have got every bit of information for you, so you can make an informed decision on which e-bikes you would like to purchase.

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1. What is an E-bike or Electric Bike?
2. Advantages of E-bikes
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What is an E-bike or Electric Bike?

Electric bikes are mostly mistaken for motorcycles. They also picture a regular bicycle but then add several electrical components like a motor, battery, and a controller. An electric bike or e-bike is a bicycle equipped with an electric motor that assists you in pedaling. The motor will get its power from the rechargeable battery mounted to it.

These e-bicycles can be traveled up to 25 km/h which is faster than the normal bicycle ride speed. Moreover, if you want to have the coolest ride experience ever, these e-bikes will be the best choice. E-bikes are the new style statements with their ultra-modern look and riding experience. You can ride anywhere like on plain roads, cycle paths, local trails or bridleways, etc.

Advantages of E-bikes and how it is different from regular bicycles:

You will ride a lot more even if you already ride a lot. This is the magic of e-bikes. Listed here are the justifications for our statement.

1.     They are pretty fast to a point:

E-bikes let you hum along at a brisk clip. The strong motor propels you further when you hit 25 to 30 kms per hour. This will save your commute time, however, varies with the e-bike specifications.

2.     There is an E-bike for everything:

Name a type of riding and you will be served comfortably with this e-Bike. This is the best companion if you are a regular rider and love to explore your riding experience. If you are an everyday rider or a professional long-distance rider or a mountaineer, these e-bikes have set with everything you need. You can even race them.

3.     They may be costly but they save you money:

You can’t get an e-bike at the lowest price but if we consider a motorcycle, it may need everyday fuel depending on your usage. E-bikes may run on the rechargeable battery, and the electricity required is less than the fuel price. Not to mention the added health benefits of cycling for a few minutes a day.

4.     Environment friendly:

Vehicular restrictions have increased with the rise of pollution, especially in metropolitan cities or densely populated areas. You might have checked for an eco-friendly vehicle to purchase but end up with a motorcycle. Unlike regular motorcycles that run on liquid fuel, e-Bikes run on electricity. So, it does not emit any harmful fuel burnouts into the atmosphere.

5.     Health and Fitness Friendly:

Fitness has become a new routine which you might have suggested with exercise cycles. You can easily ride on these super comfortable and stylish e-Bikes to your work also. If you are using a pedal-operated E-bike, then it is very healthy. When you turn the pedals, your whole body works. So, you are getting exercise when you ride an E-bike. Unlike normal bicycles, these e-cycles came with a paddle and automated pedaling features. So, you can even ride your bicycle with the pedal-assist feature.

6.     Maintenance:

The myth is that e-bicycles need maintenance more than normal bicycles as they run on battery motors. But maintaining a GHM’s e-Bike is as easier as a normal bicycle. Built on a high-volt battery with maximum charge capacity, you can travel an average of 40 to 60 Kms after full charge. All you need is to lubricate the drive system and keep checking the chain and wheels.

7.     They are the future of transportation:

The sleek and stylish design of the e-bike manufacturing makes them the style statement among people. In addition to it, this e-bike has many health benefits. Moreover, these e-bikes have become the choice of preference among people who are finding solutions to avoid the traffic congestion.

Our Word for You

Have you made the decision that an e-bike will make your commute easier or riding more enjoyable? Visit GHM EV to view our selection of high-performance electric bicycles. Since our specialty is providing you with the greatest possible riding sensation, we don't hold back when it comes to adding features. More features equal more pleasure is our motto when it comes to bikes. When you select one of our ready-to-ride e-bikes, we believe you'll agree. For you, biking will never be the same.